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Marmari, Evia, Greece

Completion Year:
Due in 2025

Gross Built Area:
120 m2

Skallion house is located in the area of Marmari, Evia. It consists of three apartments divided between two distinctly separated volumes, each with unique living arrangements.

The residences have been configured in three ways. One residence is on the ground floor, the second has an enchanting attic and the third has a charming loft, providing additional comfortable spaces for relaxation or creativity. To enhance the luxurious experience, each building volume comes with its own private pool.

Scallion house features an attractive opposite orientation, complemented by single-pitched roofs that ensures an intimate and secluded area. Its white color enhances the strength of its geometric shape and creates a contrast with the surrounding space, making the building unique and dynamic.

The interior of the Skallion house embodies the essence of modern Scandinavian style with the aim of connecting the dynamic aesthetics of the exterior with the tranquility of the interior.

Characterized by clean lines, light earthy colors and wood textures, achieving a peaceful atmosphere and elegant design, Skallion offers a harmonious combination of simplicity and elegance.

The open space, natural light and minimalist decor create a sense of peace and warmth, inviting the resident to relax and unwind in its elegant yet understated atmosphere.