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Rethymno, Crete, Greece

Completion Year:
Due in 2026

Gross Built Area:
400 m2

Four seaside villas right outside Rethymnon,Crete, are built around the central concept of the human-sea relation. A mesh works as the synthetic principle of an organized structure that is held together and is deconstructed based on the needs of its users. The final result leads to a strong form that dynamically adapts to the individual needs of its residents, while the entire structure constantly interacts with the elements of water and light.

The villas feature a living room and three comfortable bedrooms with bathrooms. The continuous exchange of spatial qualities between indoor and outdoor spaces alike, improves the user’s experience, with applications that contribute to well-being.

The pergola pieces, like a single-stroked gesture, fold and unfold, offering a dynamic and versatile shading to their under-spaces. Vertical elements amplify privacy while simultaneously maximizing views of the sea and the surrounding area.

The human desire to be near the sea (meerithic), combined with the dynamic “veil” (velum) created by the pergolas, forms a name that embodies the essence of our concept. Its name, MEERUM.